Sustainability Statement

Blue Tiger Marketing recognises that every corporate entity has a responsibility to its employees, clients, and external stakeholders to ensure that it behaves responsibly in all aspects of its business.

This policy specifically outlines Blue Tiger Marketing’s commitment to the environment and sustainable reduction of our corporate footprint.

Our practices include but are not limited to the following;

We are committed to:

  • Continuous improvement in our approach to sustainable practices.
  • Acting in a socially responsible way.
  • Continually improving our performance and meeting all relevant legislation.
  • Encouraging our staff to be mindful of the effects their action on any nature resource.

Standards of Business Conduct:

  • We shall operate in a manner that safeguards against unfair business practices.
  • Our contracts will clearly set out the agreed terms, conditions and the basis for our relationship.

our strategies both offline and digitally seek to utilise similar channels across all plans, to streamline our footprint and repurpose creative, limiting the need for surplus formats and increased emissions.

Environmental Footprint:

  • Blue Tiger Marketing operate in a paperless environment and are committed to adopting sustainable practices, including a full waste recycling programme.
  • Our objective is to endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment through a commitment to continual improvement;
  • We will continue to work with our vendors to reduce their impact on the environment;
  • We will assess production, use and disposal associated with the main goods we use; this includes the disposal of paper and printer products.
  • We seek to minimise the adverse environmental effects of people travelling to and from our offices.

Advertising Footprint:

  • Any paper utilised for OOH is printed on sustainable and recyclable products.
  • We seek to reduce our digital footprint by adopting sustainable practices and a ‘less is more approach’ by frequency capping to reduce carbon footprint and setting viewability at 70% or above to ensure ads are seen.
  • We partner with selected vendors to ensure that the bids placed have a higher probability of winning the auction. Where possible, we also work with direct publishers.

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