The secret to marketing internet – An ISP case study

November 29, 2023
Zunaira Nasir

Dive into our impactful case study, where we collaborated with an Internet Service Provider to facilitate the rollout of 577,840 infrastructure-enabled homes. Within the case study, we detail how increased revenue by 173% year on year. Additionally, our strategic prowess is evident in an industry-leading brand uplift study, revealing a substantial 21% elevation—an outcome of our meticulously crafted marketing plan.

This case study showcases our proficiency in elevating brands and driving substantial growth in the ISP sector. For marketing teams within ISP companies aiming to navigate and conquer this dynamic landscape, our expertise is your strategic advantage. As a full-service media agency, we seamlessly integrate research and insights into our media planning, ensuring our strategies are not just data-driven but finely tuned to the nuances of the dynamic market. With Blue Tiger, your journey from insights to impactful media solutions is not just a path; it’s a strategic partnership.

At Blue Tiger, our commitment to empowering informed decisions extends beyond this report. Please get in contact to gain access to our enhanced insights on the leading ISP competitors—your key to unlocking unparalleled market dominance.


Infrastructure enabled home reached on market plan.
Purchased conversion rate increase.
Increase in revenue YOY.
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