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Coronation estimated to boost UK economy by £1 billion

April 25, 2023
Elizabeth Carr

In just a few short weeks, the Kings Coronation will take place, and is predicted to have a significant impact on the economy. According to recent estimates, the coronation is expected to generate an additional £1 billion for the UK economy, mainly through increased spending in hotels, pubs, and shops. 

The anticipation of the coronation has already led to an increase in tourism, and it is expected that the number of visitors will continue to rise as the event draws closer. In fact, it is estimated that US travellers to the UK will spend an average of £1,567 each, which is excellent news for local businesses and the economy as a whole. 

Hotels are expected to benefit the most from the coronation, as visitors from all over the world flock to London to witness the historic event. The increased demand for accommodation is expected to result in higher prices, which will be a significant boost to the hotel industry. Pubs and shops are also expected to benefit from the increased footfall, with visitors spending more money on food, drinks, and souvenirs. 

The economic impact of the coronation is not limited to London, as other parts of the UK are also expected to benefit from the influx of visitors. The event is likely to attract tourists from all over the world, which means that businesses in other parts of the country could also see a significant increase in sales. 

The coronation is not just good news for businesses; it is also a positive sign for the UK economy as a whole. The country has been through a difficult time in recent years, with the ongoing pandemic and Brexit causing economic uncertainty. The coronation is a welcome boost to the economy, and it is hoped that it will help to kickstart a period of growth and prosperity. 

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